Twister are a high energy Rock band of the highest order. Their anthemic songs are bursting at the seams with soaring guitars, gripping and unforgettable melodies, and unbeatable choruses. These 4 North-East Lads are absolutely going for it, and you can see just how passionate they are in their live performances! If you haven’t seen them live yet, make it a priority as you will not forget the name Twister!


Twister have sold out O2 Academy 2’s and other venues around the country on their last headline tour, ahead of their debut album ‘Cursed & Corrected’. Well gigged and ready to go at the drop of a hat, Twister have played alongside huge names such as Status Quo, Papa Roach, Bumblefoot (Guns 'n' Roses), Jools Holland, Texas, Scouting For Girls, Electric Six, Simple Minds and many, many more!


“Clever guitar hooks and very effective atypical instrumentation right back the mix. There is so much variation in this album that it takes many, many listens to absorb everything. Every play reveals something different and a new favourite track. There aren’t many modern albums that sound this great. When this album comes out, it’s going to blow the doors off the New Rock tour bus. I guarantee nobody has heard anything quite like this.” – Richard Brindley, Founding Member of New Wave of Classic Rock


"These are my ones to watch!”- Johnny Doom, Kerrang! Radio


“I love all of your original material!”- Francis Rossi, Status Quo


“A skill for writing witty, memorable Rock tracks. Excellent anthems. Very strong, 

with just the right mixture of rawness, showmanship and technical precision ensuring they 

had the crowd clapping and singing along, leaving a lasting impression.”- Surface Unsigned 


Stevie Stoker - Frontman / guitarist


I eventually picked up a guitar aged 12 and within 6 months I started Twister. I set my goals fairly low at first, wanting to play a few songs with my friends, play a gig, write some of my own material - to now where I set my sights on the very top of the music industry.

I got the job as "Singer" because no one else would do it. I couldn't sing a note. My musical roots are playing with my Grandad's 50s Rock 'N' Roll and Skiffle band then on to punk and classic rock and then singer/songwriter acoustic music. When I'm writing I often take influences from all of these to come up with some of our material. I'm very lucky as I have had excellent support over the years from my family which has brought us even closer together and we have met so many other amazing people along the way.


Jake Grimes - Guitar/vOCALS

Jake Stage.jpg

I started playing guitar around 13 years old and joined my first gigging band shortly after. I was influenced by a wide variety of styles but mainly Classic Rock, Metal and Pop Music. I always aspire to write memorable, catchy hooks on the guitar and if it doesn’t serve the song it doesn’t stay. Top 5 Guitar heroes are Slash, Mark Tremonti, Rabea Massad, John Mayer and Mateus Asato. I first saw Twister aged 13, followed them intently ever since - even supporting them in my former band. I never really considered music could be my career until I joined the band in March 2015 and now I can’t imagine doing anything else.It was always an ambition of mine to join Twister, and here I am, alongside my best friends.

Jack Corbett- Drums/Backing Vocals


I first started drumming on my 9th birthday and as soon as I picked up a pair of sticks I knew that’s what I was wanting to do for the rest of my life. Over the past 10 years plus, that I’ve been drumming I’ve managed to perform in multiple original bands all over the UK. I first met the guys in Twister, and heard them in a bar in Newcastle and as soon as the opportunity came around for me to join them I jumped at it. I’m looking forward to the future with Twister and helping the band continue moving forward and progressing.


Ryan lee - Bass/Backing Vocals


I first started playing bass when I was 14 and was mostly self taught up until I joined college, where I got 1 to 1 lessons every week. My first real gig was with Twister a short time after joining. The music I was influenced by most was rock and alternative rock.

Ryan Stage.jpg